LUMMI ISLAND WA    SEPT. 10-13, 2015



Together, hosted by Aran Goyoaga, we will be be teaching a two-day workshop on Lummi Island off the coast of Seattle. We will discuss photography from the perspective of a working professional. Each participant will have one on one time to discuss their goals for the weekend and to discuss how they shoot.

The weekend will focus on two types of shooting; still life and reportage. For the still life and food portion, we will discuss and demonstrate; composition, natural lighting, simple editing and capture tools in Capture One. We will shoot tethered so the changes will be easy for the students to view in real time. We will discuss propping and personal style as it pertains to still life and food.

Each student will get the chance to practice the techniques learned using simple tools that every photographer should have in their kit.

A discussion of story telling and editing will be present throughout the weekend. We encourage each student to use social media tools to promote their work, the weekend will result in the creation of a series of images, a blog post and several instagram posts. We will talk about how to use social media as a tool for self expression, promotion and visual story telling.

The group will use the beautiful background of Lummi Island and local farms and makers to create a visual reportage series. Each person will be guided through the recording of an event, be it foraging, farm portraits or visiting a maker from the island. We will discuss technique, gear and the building of a story for personal, commercial or a blog post. Story telling and personal style will be the focus of this section with an emphasis on learning to "see" photographs.

At the end of the weekend we will do a short critique. Each participant will have gained experience in visual story telling and how to use techniques and gear to build their own unique style and vision.

Fee includes 3-night lodging at Nettles Farm in Lummi Island and meals. Fee does not include transportation to and from Lummi Island.


Below is a gallery of selected images from our workshop. For a full recap of visuals, visit Hungry Ghost Food and Travel